The resume is dead

a) To get a job you need skills. To get skills, you need a job.

b) You’ve been writing code for years, why are you being asked to solve problems that don’t reflect your experience?

c) How do you verify someone has the skills you need?

There is a common answer to all of these questions.


Industry certifications are ok. Except that everyone has their own certification program and it’s impossible to tell the good ones from the fly-by-night ones.

The same applies for boot camps, schools, learn-to-code courses. Most of these indicate you can pass a test, but have little bearing on whether you’re qualified to do the work.

Who can fix this?

We can.

You know if someone has the skills needed. You know what your coworkers are capable of. Your coworkers know what you are capable of.

We can leverage that knowledge to change the hiring and interview process forever, for the better.

With, community recognized experts review and sign off on skills.

Endorsements are meaningful because they can only come from someone that has demonstrated expertise in that skill.

Coworkers can find the experts within their own organization for expert help.

Junior engineers get meaningful feedback from people who do the job on a daily basis.

Employers can identify the experts on their staff.

Hiring managers can identify and pre-screen candidates without wasting anyone’s time.

Proven skills, backed by a network of trust.

Interested in how it works? Check out this guide